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A dig at the rains in Madras, India

(Sept 1998)
Ajay Sathyanath

Burp, try reading this if you won't loose your temper.

- Ajay.

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macroscopic, microscopic, wave nature, particle nature. BIG POUR (rains in Madras, India).

Light is viewed by modern physicists and physics as having dual nature; both particle and wave. Thanks to Schroedinger, Young and many others -- this is how they explained the wave nature of subatomic particles.

These sub atomic particles impulsively decide that they should behave differently and therefore follow Schroedinger's wave equation. As a result, they innocently appear simultaneously in more than one place, and can even interact with themselves to cause interference patterns !! Amazing, no really, thats the crux of duality. Thanks to probability, all this is possible however improbable!!


Now, after 25 years of research, I have concluded successfully how particles in the macroscopic world can behave, and why they behave as waves.


There is this road in between Loyola College and Anna Nagar. Having been in madras, everybody understands why these roads are there and how, and how they are centric to the whole of creation. They were the result of a cataclysmic event called the "BIG POUR". Before the "BIG POUR", however, the world (at least Madras) was a different place and it is wrong to ask what happened before the "BIG POUR", especially so since we live after the "BIG POUR". Physics, not unlike a vacuum, sucks huh!! However, the answer to that pivotal question of "before the BIG POUR" is more mundane. Our clocks just stopped from sheer boredom, and hence there was no "before".

Now, it doesn't take the genius or "contrive-ness" of De-Brogli's wave nature and it doesn't have to be Einstein to tell us that our space is "curved" and not "FLAT". Every common mongrel on the road can see that the light waves bend in this part of Madras!! A close look would of course reveal that the sources of these light waves, viz. the cars & bikes (now refered to as macroscopic particles) typically go over crests and troughs!! Reimannian geometry promptly thus explains the apparent bending of light rays.

Whilst traveling with or without shock absorbers on these curved spaces (roads), all macroscopic particles exhibit vibrations on the 3rd spatial dimension (the source of the BIG POUR). It takes very little by means of a clock, to measure the frequency of these oscillations and confirm the WAVE NATURE of macroscopic particles. It needs to be streseed upon that these observations are in strict accordance with everything in Quantum Mechanics and General Theory of Relativity.


The wave nature of these macroscopic particles can cause harmful interference patterns as they interact with themselves, and worse still, trigger off harmful diction. Oops i mean radiation!!

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