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A trip I made to Seattle

(December 1996)
Ajay Sathyanath

Hi there,
Hmmm, this one flew right by me. Just fancied to write in verse, actually managed to ... Ok OK it might not be the best, but here it is.....


And, I traveled and saw the world;
the places on the other side of earth.
A car to hoot and roads that rolled,
there was an emptiness a dearth.
Now, musings are my companion
Of Seattle, space needle and the highway inn.
Mono rail, science museum, flight centre et al,
why, thats wealth, physics and a "Roger" call.
A simulation, a flight, what was it?
I rode a Mustang, a top gun reserve.
My body tossed and twisted,
I got down with dizzy head and intact nerve.
Way up the Mountain pass,
the vehicle swerved, and luckily stopped right across.
The back seat cried "it's the driver's",
seated front, I read the sign: "ice ahead get your shivers".
St Helens, claimed a soul with joy
The volcano dead, and life not toy.
Virgin forests now rising,
seemingless wit, why, my creator is laughing?
Way back the civilisation caught,
neanderthal species that came in bikini tops.
Shopping, cried a busy boy; thats me in thought --
cute americano faces; my heart still bipity bops.
Now, its a holiday cruise; Santa, I clicked I met,
a party first and a boat on the Willamette.
Vodka and hot chocolate, all for the crew,
pretty dancing faces singing amidst the brew.
Christmas must be around,
with that my banishment gets a face lift.
Christ am i itching, India, sure my heart does pound,
waiting still; these vacations passing by swift.
Terse maybe
think, its verse. !!!! ????? !!!!!
- Ajay.