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                       (Last Edited August 1999)

                                          Ajay Sathyanath.
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Personal :
Ahem, ahem ......
If you thought that this would be some sort of a personal/private profile, then I am sorry. But here are a few things I don't mind sharing.
Did my bachelors in physics from Loyola College, Madras... Physics still happens to be my first love (but is it my only love??, well keep guessing, ;-) ), I still keep reading various books and try following the subject as much as possible. Of particular interest are Relativity, Quantum theory and the Super String theory.
I also have a masters degree in engineering from the dept. of Computer Science and Automation, CSA from IISc , Bangalore. (Indian Institue of Science is apparently ranked 18th in the world !). I did my thesis in Load Balancing in Parallel and Distributed Systems . Am a native of kerala (southern India), born in Madras, and grew up in Madras and Bangalore.
Since graduation I have been working in Unix and Networking Research. Care to peek at my resume, here it is.
Love Cricket and am convinced that it is the most "thinking" international sport after Chess. Like to go on treks (deep into the forest), enjoy talking about and reading Calvin and Hobbes, also enjoy chatting with friends, hate the TV and like listening to old hindi music (Kishore Kumar), old english rock ( to the tune of Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Sting, ...., most European rock, some American rock/pop, country, jazz and ofcourse the beatles too...) My belief is that there are 3 kinds of Music, Floyd, Kishore Kumar, and The Rest . !!!
I also write some stupid stuff every now and then, some are actually critical and lot others very nonsensical. Heres a small sample.

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These change don't they?!!!

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